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At Park 734 Kitchen our kitchen manager, Kevin Inman, is making and distributing meals to quarantined senior disabled veterans in downtown San Diego. 

Many senior disabled veterans already live on very meager means and depend on local non-profits for food.  Because of all kinds of government agencies shutting down over COVID-19 lots of veterans will not have access to the prepared meals they once depended on before the pandemic. 

Kevin is a senior disabled veteran himself and works as the kitchen manager at Park 734 Kitchen in East Village. Park 734 Kitchen is a commercial rental kitchen used by many of your favorite farmers market vendors, local bakers, small pop-ups to prepare their foods in a clean, safe, government approved location.

When Kevin's apartment, which is filled with mostly senior disabled veterans, was put on a mandatory quarantine he knew he had to do something to help. So he decided to make good use of the late night hours available to him for free at the commercial rental kitchen he manages and make meals for his neighbors. All out of his own pocket!

It costs us $3.00 to make a meal for a vet. As of right now we are supporting 60 disabled veterans in the Downtown area. Therefore, we need close to $1500 a week to feed them 1 large meal everyday. 




What we need is...

1.) Food donations from restaurants. Just email us and we can either go pick up your extra food or you can email us at to make arrangements.

2.) Cash donations so we can buy more food 

3.) A few more volunteers

Any overflow of funds and/or food will be donated to the Alpha Project.

Thank you so much for your support and prayers!

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